Work Wishes

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Time and Time again, Our Company has tried to figure out a way to give back to their employees. Our Company's Chief Dental Officer, Steven Wingfield, explains, "We've always had a philosophy that includes a sincere desire to take great care of our employees," and the ‘Work Wishes’ program allows us to use our company resources to aid our employees in meeting their personal needs."


But what exactly is the “Work Wishes” program? Our program, the ‘brain child’ of our CEO, David Lopez, is majorly based on the ideas of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, where granting an employee's special wish for themselves or others is the ultimate goal. “There are no criteria for structuring a wish," Lopez said. "It doesn't have to involve a serious personal or health issue.” 


With no limit to categories or budget, our program allows our employees to truly reach for the stars. Have you had dreams of attending acting school or taking that family vacation you’ve been putting on hold? What about a more reliable car, a home remodeling, or even something as simple as helping with groceries and other in home needs? This is just a short list of some of the dreams we hope to help make come true.


Employees can even submit wishes for other co-workers. In one instance, an employee received Atlanta Braves tickets after a co-worker overheard how much she wanted to take her husband to a game. The employee’s wish was granted before she ever asked for it.


By mixing the element of surprise and involving employees in the process, Our Company has found a way to improve morale and employee engagement across the board. Who doesn't love receiving a " free gift" from out of the blue?


Work Wishes